Frequently Asked Questions:

1: My bike has been going on for 4 years, is it still appropriate to use this product?

Answer: Irrespective of the age of your bicycle, the coating is an absolute added value. The gloss of gloss-lacquered surfaces will increase and, in the case of a matt lacquer, the coating will restore the color depth and then protect it.

2: Can you confirm that it is also suitable for mat carbon?

Answer: Yes, carbon also always has a form of varnish or resin to protect it against UV rays, the coating can be applied without problems.

3: How many times can I treat a complete bicycle with 15 ml and how many times a year is this necessary?

Answer: 15 ml. Is sufficient for 1 bike, the coating is applied very thin and is very economical in use. After applying the coating, the bike is protected for a very long period of time, with properĀ  application and maintenance with the Proteam Foam and Fix shampoo, a period of 2 years is certainly achievable.

4: How do I apply the coating?

Answer: You can do this in two ways: with a supplied applicator or an airbrush. A complete manual is supplied with the sets and we have created an instruction video for our customers.

5: I do not have a password to watch the instruction video:

Answer: After ordering a complete Proteam Hydro Coating set, our customers receive various confirmation emails. The password for the video is also included in one of those e-mails. So the video can only be viewed by customers.

6: Do I have to dry the coating with an infrared lamp?

Answer: No, the coating must dry for 12 hours at room temperature, the infrared lamp speeds up this process.

7: How long does the coating last?

Answer: If all steps are followed neatly, the coating will continue to work for up to two years.

8: Can I simply wash and rinse the bike with a high-pressure cleaner?

Answer: Yes, a high pressure cleaner can have no adverse effect on the coating and if the special maintenance shampoo is used during washing, this will support the coating. Dreft, Dasty, and other home-garden and kitchen products are not recommended.

9: Do I apply the coating on all surfaces?

Answer: No, the “soft” parts of the bicycle, saddle, handles, tires are not treated. Also we do not treat resilient parts, driveline and disc brakes of the bicycle. Furthermore, we apply the coating to everything.