Hydrophobic coatings:

Hydrophobic coating also occurs in nature. Leaves of trees and plants repel water, causing drops to flow away. We call this the peeling effect.

We mimic this property with the Proteam Hydro Coating based on silicon dioxide. Surfaces treated with this coating are therefore highly water-repellent, less sensitive to pollution and therefore easy to keep clean.

By incorporating certain functional groups into the silicon dioxide, it is possible to chemically bind this substance to certain specific surfaces. Our coating is the first and only one specifically developed for bicycles.

The coating products based on silicon dioxide are highly hydrophobic. This water-repellent effect ensures that the contact surface between liquids and the surface is much smaller. As a result, water and dirt slide easily from the surface.

Silicon dioxide

Silicon dioxide is an important component of glass, it is very hard, practically insoluble and resistant to many chemicals. The ultra-thin layer formed with our coatings is extremely hydrophobic, long-lasting and invisible. Coatings with SiO2 are also called “Liquid Glass” coatings: the surface is provided with a glass layer on a nanoscale.

“Every day I cycle to and from work on my Cube road bike,  I do not have much time for the cosmetic maintenance, therefore I am very pleased with the Proteam coating, my racer stays clean much longer and is very easy to wash” Rene Bakkum, Castricum

What are the advantages of the new generation of Proteam hydrophobic lacquer coatings compared to existing waxes etc ?:

  • Very durable solution, once correctly applied the coating will protect the paint and other parts on the bike for years.
  • Extremely water- and dirt-repellent hydrophobic properties. Dirt will no longer attach.
  • Washing and general maintenance is much easier.
  • Maintain the shine for much longer.
  • Matte paints continue to give a full luxury appearance for much longer