In order to optimally protect your bike against the elements, a special paint coating is required.

Less adhesion of dirt, water and sand for optimum protection of your valuable property.

  • Extremely water- and dirt-repellent hydrophobic properties. Dirt will no longer stick.
  • Washing and general maintenance is much easier.
  • Once correctly applied, the coating will protect paint and other parts on the bike for years.
  • High gloss paint will keep it’s shine.
  • Matte paints continue to give a full luxury appearance for much longer.
  • Very durable solution

In recent years there has been a revolution in the field of paint protection, where we have been using various types of waxing for a long time, this never actually gave an easy to process, sustainable result.

The paint coatings have been on the rise for some time now. Water-thin, semi-permanent coatings based on silicon dioxide.

After having it coated with Proteam hydro coating, I have never been able to maintain my beach racer so easily, sand and salt do not sit anymore and it rinses off very easily! “Chris Kool, Egmond-Binnen


A wax or wax is a protective layer that you apply over the polished surface and gives a nice ‘glossy’ result. A wax is as it were “on” the paint. It ensures that the surface remains smooth and it protects your paint.

A wax or wax has the property that it will wear out and dissolve after not too long (at most 2 to 3 months). As a result, you always have to provide your bike with a layer of wax again. And this will be forgotten over time and your bike will always have a duller and outdated appearance.

What exactly is a hydrophobic coating and what is the difference with a wax?

The Proteam hydrophobic coating is a completely different type of product than wax and adheres deeper and firmer in the pores of the lacquer, it reacts with the substrate and forms a hard protective layer that is much more durable than wax. Our coating is the first and only one specifically developed for bicycles.

Our hydrophobic coating is very easy to process and because it is as thin as water can also be applied with an airbrush.

Tested thoroughly!

After extensive testing and development we came out on a super hydrophobic coating. Because paints from the car industry and the cycling world in the basis are very similar in the treatment they need, we use our experience in the automotive industry for the treatment of bicycles.


In addition to applying the coatings, we can also supply all products to you, both specialist and private. For more information about the coating sets and maintenance products, please refer to the contact page.