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about us

Proteam Bicycle Care has its origins in the Netherlands in 1998, in which year Ron Lute started his own company in the automotive cosmetics industry.

In mid-2017, years of experience in surface treatments, polishes and coatings were converted to the bicycle sector.
As fanatical cyclists, we looked at the possibility of bringing a good coating on the market specifically developed for cycling, cycling is great, but the intensive cleaning work that went with it was at the expense of valuable time, which could be better spent with an extra lap of cycling !

Ron Lute

Bike Motion award

After extensive development and testing, Proteam Bicycle Care introduced its Hydro Coating at the Bike Motion Fair in Utrecht, the Netherlands in February 2018 and immediately won the innovation award there too! The market quickly picked up the product as an opportunity to offer a great innovation in specialist bicycle shops and private individuals also quickly saw the benefits of a very well protected bicycle, the slogan: “less cleaning, more cycling” actually tells the complete story.

years of experience

product development

Since that time, the Proteam Bicycle Care company has grown rapidly, within two years there was a covering dealer network in the Benelux and new products are regularly added to the range.

Constant product development and self-testing during our long bike rides on all surfaces give the company the foundation to continuously be able to offer good and distinctive products to specialist retailers and consumers.


Very durable solution, once applied correctly, the coating will protect the paint and other parts on the bicycle for years.
UV-protective and resistant to high temperatures.
Extreme water and dirt-resistant hydrophobic properties. Dirt will no longer stick.
Washing and general maintenance becomes much easier.
Retains the shine for a much longer time.
Matt lacquers continue to give a full, luxurious appearance for a much longer time.


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