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publications in the Media

“After a ride in wet and dirty mud I put the garden hose on my bicycle and the dirt really washed off, as if it was afraid of me. “
“When he fills the airbrush reservoir with the Proteam Hydro Coating, you notice how little of the stuff he needs to coat the complete bicycle. “With the airbrush you can apply the coating very easily and and coat even the small, hard to reach areas.”
“But in addition to the time savings in maintenance, the coating is also a cosmetic protective layer for the bicycle, the paint will retain its shine for longer, and the matte paint will get a nice deeper color and keep it much longer as well..”
“Until I got off my bicycle this morning and my eye accidentally fell on my front fork … what a bizarre difference. I think I can say as an interim conclusion that the magic stuff really works. And no, we don’t have any shares, unfortunately “
“The Proteam hydrophobic coating is a completely different type of product than wax and adheres deeper and more firmly into the pores of the paint.”
“The end result is extremely hydrophobic, so water, mud, and other contaminants will slide off quickly.”
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