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Top product; works super well and does what it promises

When the coating was just applies, I mainly saw a difference when washing the bicycle. The water bounced off the coated fork, without leaving many dropslets on the surface. I sort of forgot I applied the coating.
Until I got off my bicycle this morning and my eye accidentally fell on my fork… what a HUGE difference. I think I can conclude that this magic stuff really works. And no, I don’t have any shares, unfortunately 😉

I have never maintained my beachracer so easily, after coating it with Proteam Bicycle Care Hydro Cating. Sand and salt no longer remain and tt’s very easiy to rinse!

We have been working with Proteam products for 1.5 years now. These products ensure that we can provide added value for the customer. Every bicycle can be treated with it. Bicycles get a nice, more luxurious look, but matt frames remain matt.If you have a frame with some superficial scratches, these will decrease considerably.
In my opinion, the new Clean and Cure SiO2 Sealant is a winner when it comes to convenience and speed.

Early january I bought my new racing roadbike, a Merckx EMX-525.
On the Bike Motion tradeshow I had seen the coating of Proteam Bicycle Care and the first thing I thought was … I want that stuff on my Eddy Merckx bicycle!
Protection and maintenance is everything. Well I am happy with this decision. Ron has treated my roadbike and the coating really works very well.
After a ride, I place my roadbike on the repairstand, just spray with Muc-Off (not necessarily, but I want it). After 2 minutes rinse with a light “shower” jet and it’s brand new again !!
No brushing and cleaning with sponge or whatever.
You can let it airdry and ready or wipe off with a cloth.
For that money you really can not resist, top investment.
Thanks Ron 👍🏻💪🏼

Every day I cycle to work on my Cube roadbike. I don’t have much time for cosmetic maintenance, that’s why I’m very happy with the Proteam coating, my roadbike stays clean much longer and is very easy to maintain and wash.

Good test yesterday: At the end of training in the rain I looked at my bicycle … but dirt no longer adheres to your frame. Quickly wipe a cloth over and that’s enough now! Ideal👌🏼

review of “Fiets”

“After a ride in wet and dirty mud I put the garden hose on my bicycle and the dirt really washed off, as if it was afraid of me. “
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