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Fall is coming!!

hydro coating proteam bicycle care (1)
Rain, wind and mud!
Rain, wind and mud are your bikes natural enemies, but don’t worry: you can protect your bike against all these challenges.
Our Hydro Coating protects all hard surfaces on your bicycle, such as your frame and wheels, and makes washing your bike much easier, in most cases just a simple quick rinse with a garden hose will get rid of 90% of the soil, and once in a while washing it with our Foam & Fix shampoo will keep it looking like new!
How does it work: the hydro coating will form a very thin, super hard barrier on all hard surfaces, such as frame, wheels, hubs etc. and will repell water and dirt, the SiO2, the “magic” ingredient is known for beeing mega hydrofobic and long lasting, up to three years!
In short: do you want to cut down the time spend on washing your bike, protect it with our Hydro Coating!!
Geachte klant, i.v.m. vakantie zullen alle geplaatste orders op Maandag 5 Augustus verzonden worden, bedankt voor uw begrip en alvast veel plezier met onze producten!
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