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New identity


The old logo


Proteam Bicycle Care has grown rapidly from the start in 2017. For the past three years, we mainly focused on products, dealers and training. We were fully occupied with that.

Proteam Bicycle Care became bigger and required a more professional approach. We updated the logo and website first. These had to become bolder, more powerful, fresher and better looking

We are living in the year 2020, so it is time for Proteam Bicycle Care 2.0

The new logo

New logo

The logo has been overhauled 🙂 The style is fresh and powerful and the brand name is easy to read. A huge step forward!
Colours and style have been somewhat preserved, and the 32 stars have made way for one powerful, shining star. We are enthusiastic, hopefully you are too!

The next step will be to apply the logo and corporate identity to the product labels.

New website

The website has also got a complete makeover. The interface is clearer, the pages and navigation are more user-friendly and the appearance has been improved. It is important to know that you can still log in with your old log-in data to view your order history.

Geachte klant, i.v.m. vakantie zullen alle geplaatste orders op Maandag 5 Augustus verzonden worden, bedankt voor uw begrip en alvast veel plezier met onze producten!
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